Installation and Commissioning of Solar Power Plant! Let the Top Solar Installation Services Provider Help You

The grid-connected rooftop solar energy system is gaining momentum. Are you looking for a green energy solution? If yes, you shouldn’t delay in contacting WhiteShark – the best solar installation services provider in Odisha. Remember, the feasibility study of a solar energy system is a must to find error-free installation, testing, commissioning, and grid connectivity.

At WhiteShark, our objective is to integrate solar power with grid and share a greater portion of solar power for the local use as well as contribute to the solar system installer odisha capacity of the nation.

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Though electricity is the backbone of industrialization, it has now become an integral part of mankind. After completing the solar PV system installation, a thorough inspection and commissioning check should be done to ensure the system is ready to be plugged to the grid for energy transformation. The entire process is done proactively and thus referred to as ‘commissioning the system’.


There are steps and requirements to ensure professional installation and commissioning PV systems, which is carried out according to the system size and complexity of the design. However, general guidelines that apply are:

  • All disconnects are in off position during the final installation and commissioning
  • Solar installation service matches the design documentation
  • OCPD, conductors and disconnect are sized appropriately
  • Compliance with all local AHJ and national codes is met
  • Terminals connections and screws are securely tightened
  • Equipment is securely mounted
  • Roof penetrations are properly weather sealed
  • Installations are matched to the solar installation services provider’s specifications and recommendations

    Other Safety Items to Consider:

  • Applicable warning signs and labels are posted
  • Job site is clean and orderly
  • Documentation part is done
  • Attention has been paid to details viz. removing tools from the site before commissioning

Everything in detail checked personally by our highly experienced team to avoid any kind of machine fault and that’s the reason we’re #1 EPC company in Bhubaneswar, Odisha! Talk to us today regarding your project and we’ll provide the best team for solar installation services in Odisha guaranteed!

  • Project Planning and Schedule
  • Pre-implementation walk through & risk assessment
  • Project Management
  • Civil Structural
  • Complete Electrical works
  • Within budget and timely completion
  • I&C as per strict safety standard adherence
  • Training on basic O&M
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