A Simple Guide to Deep Learning of Solar Desalination

A Simple Guide to Deep Learning of Solar Desalination

There’s a great need for potable water for everyday applications and drinking. Once, water was considered an infinitely renewable resource. But, now you can see scarcity of water in most of the part of the country. This shortage of water has made it a critical resource. It can be said that the water crisis is as critical as the energy crisis. There is no substitute for freshwater, thus, water needs to be conserved.

Thanks to technology, there is the availability of techniques that can help you to artificially produce fresh water. One such method is solar desalination that is used for removing the salts from the seawater. This process is conducted with the help of a solar desalination plant which is easy to use and high performing machinery.

Know about the solar desalination process

In general, solar desalination is all about removing the amount of salts from seawater by making use of solar energy in order to produce pure water. This method of desalination has been globally accepted for making water pure and free from salt content. Desalination is based on the natural water cycle of the earth that generates rainfall.

  • In the desalination unit, the water gets heated by the sun and then converts the liquid to water vapor. Once it starts to get heated, the vapor rises to a great extent and comes to the top of the unit.
  • After this, the water vapor gets collected on the lid. Then, it condenses back to as freshwater in a separate container. The salt amount won’t get changed into vapor and will remain in the same unit.
  • This desalination plant is ideal for purification but it takes time in the entire process and produces low water per day. This happens because of the low operating temperature at which this plant works. The quantity of water that gets produced in the desalination plant will be directly proportional to the device’s surface area.

Desalination plants are equipped with the latest sustainable technologies in order to overcome the water shortage problem. Solar desalination plant mainlyworks on two different methods:

Method 1 solar humidification and dehumidification process

This process works similarly to the natural water cycle by evaporating and condensing the water. This happens at a short interval of time to separate the salt from water. In this, thermal solar energy works as a driving force that produces water vapor then condense it. The heat release from the condensation gets collected and then the water source is preheated.

Method 2 Reverse osmosis process

This process of solar desalination is ideal for large scale desalination units. The main purpose of this process is to separate the freshwater from any substances by making use of a semi-permeable membrane.

Benefits that come with solar desalination

With the utilization of solar desalination unit, there come a number of benefits such as:

  • This solar desalination plant can be installed anywhere with ease. Whether it is onshore or offshore, it can be set up with the least effort.
  • Another important benefit of this solar desalination that it makes the utilization of solar energy. This source of energy is available free for the operation of the desalination plant.
  • Also, there is a low maintenance cost in the installation of this plant. After installation, you don’t have to worry for a longer time.
  • One of the main benefits is that it is easy to transport because of its lightweight.
  • When it comes to the benefit, the environment-friendly attributes cannot be ignored.

Environmental benefit and application of solar desalination plant

The first thing that needs consideration is the environment-friendly nature of the unit. This is because the source of energy of this plant is the sun which is a renewable source of energy. It is sustainable, unlike other fuels that are finite. In addition, the burning of these fuels produces pollution in the environment. Therefore, the solar desalination unit produces zero carbon which is good for mother earth.


Most of the resource of water is seas and the best way for producing potable water is the solar desalination plant. This plant works well with the help of solar energy which available for free. Also, it doesn’t produce any pollution. The solar desalination process is important for converting saltwater of oceans or seas into pure & freshwater drinking water. Therefore, the utilization of solar energy for desalination plant is considered a sustainable solution for the future. WhiteShark energy is an emerging and trusted Renewable energy Company Odissa. If you are willing to know more about the solar desalination unit and their installation, then send your enquiry.

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