Solar Site Survey
Know everything about Solar Site Survey

Whenever you are installing solar panels, it is considered important to gather all the information in order to maximize the performance of the solar panels. The solar site survey is a first and foremost step that is conducted to gather all the details about the issues and conditions of the surrounding. During installation of the […]

Solar home lighting system
An ultimate guide of buying the right Solar home lighting system

Have you ever thought what would you do if there will be no energy? Without energy, there will be no manufacturing, no everyday chores, and no innovation. The sources that we have been using for decades are now coming to end. This is because there is a huge demand for energy which is increasing day […]

Solar Renewable Energies
Some Renewable energies clean facts by White Shark?

Renewable energies, often called clean energy, come from constantly renewed natural resources or processes. For example, sunlight or wind always shines and explodes, even if the presence depends on time and weather. Although renewable energy is generally seen as a new technology, the use of natural energy has long been used for heating, transportation, lighting, […]

Solar Calculator
White Shark provided solar calculator is gaining popularity?

While the cost of solar energy has declined considerably in recent years, technical efficiency and production quality have improved dramatically, while many homeowners in India are beginning to see solar energy as a viable alternative energy solution. You can use the WhiteShark solar calculator to make cost and long-term savings estimates based on your location […]

Solar net metering policy
Understanding the concept of Solar net and Gross metering policy

Many of us must have heard about Solar net and Gross metering policy when it comes to the rooftop solar system. Net metering is all about adjusting what has been fed into the grid and what you take from the grid. In gross metering, the consumers are paid a feed-in tariff for the electricity that […]

solar subsidy
A guide about New solar subsidy process for Odisha

When it comes to the fastest developing solar power industry worldwide, the one name that comes to the mind is India. There is the availability of plenty amount of sunlight all around the year because of the geographical location of the country. According to many surveys and reports, approximately 5 thousand trillion kWh of energy […]

solar storage device
Know about different types of batteries of solar storage device

One of the highest energy devices that utilize solar energy is the solar storage device. Connected with a solar system, this is considered an effective device that reserves or stores the energy for making later applications. The energy that is stored in the device is consumed when the sun gets down and when the energy […]

solar desalination plant
A simple guide to deep learning of solar desalination

There’s a great need for potable water for everyday applications and drinking. Once, water was considered an infinitely renewable resource. But, now you can see scarcity of water in most of the part of the country. This shortage of water has made it a critical resource. It can be said that the water crisis is […]

solar storage device
What Do Solar Distributors in Odisha Do?

The solar industry is flourishing in Odisha and has been creating a lot of business opportunities for people. Moreover, the government is also promoting the solar technology by helping in the implementation of policies as well as promoting the solar panel installation and other solar technologies. One of the most promising business opportunities in the […]

solar panel installer and service provider
Get Prepared for Storm Season with Solar & Solar Storage Devices

Nobody can’t stop what’s coming but certainly can remain prepared for it because of living in storm prone regions! When you pair a home solar system with backup solar storage devices, you are able to store excess electricity from the sun which gives you more independence from the grid. The solar energy you store in […]