Know everything about Solar Site Survey

Whenever you are installing solar panels, it is considered important to gather all the information in order to maximize the performance of the solar panels. The solar site survey is a first and foremost step that is conducted to gather all the details about the issues and conditions of the surrounding. During installation of the solar panels, there are a number of aspects that need to focus on before making any final decision. Let’s get into a bit deeper to more about the site survey.

Why the site survey is considered a crucial process?

The difference in the rooftop

Well, you will find every house has a unique rooftop. Whether it is about the design or the installation, there is a difference in all the rooftops. Therefore, the site survey is important to find if your rooftop is suitable for installation or not. The surveyors will also have a look at the direction, inclination and construction material as all these are critical when it comes to design the solar system. There is a team of solar engineers who will visit the site will gather information about the available area and directions.

Shadow Analysis

During the thorough study, shadow analysis plays an important role in order to ensure the generation from the solar system is the best possible. Some of the factors that can affect this analysis are high rise buildings, other structure or trees. Also, seasons also have a great impact on the shadow. A good and thorough shadow analysis will tell about the generation and the size of the solar systems would be needed.

These were all about the importance of the solar site survey and now let’s have a look at what you can gather from these site surveys.

What information you can draw from the site survey?

  • The first thing that you will come to know about is whether your location is ideal for solar panel installation or not. Determining a suitable location can be done with a proper site survey.
  • Also, you will get an idea about making connections to the solar PV system to the existing electrical system.
  • Every mounting is different so the site survey will tell which sort of mounting is needed for the solar systems.
  • If there are any energy requirements of the house or building where the solar panels are going to be installed.
  • It also helps in determining the shaded areas where there are chances if of maximum sunlight.
  • With the site survey, you can know where to locate the balance of system components.

How Solar Site Survey is being carried out?

There are different steps that are carried in the solar site survey. Let’s have a look at each of these in a brief manner:

  • Roof Orientation and Shading Analysis: The solar panels need to be free from any sort of shade. This is because it will help to get the optimum output from the solar PV system and solar panels. Shading analysis is a process that is a must when you need to ensure that the solar panels are almost shade-free. Most of the times, solar shading tool is used for this purpose that can study sunlight’s movement during the daytime.

Also, trackers are sometimes used for determining the sun’s path. Another alternative that you can use is the microinverters which are attached to the solar modules individually for optimizing the electrical output.

  • Details of roof: In this process, some of the key areas that need to be considered are roof inclination, direction, dimension, construction type, and feasibility. According to all these key factors, the Solar PV system will be customized in order to suit your roof structure.
  • Load Analysis: Load Analysis will provide you with information for the type of Solar system that needs to deploy. Also, you must also understand the current electricity utilization along with load analysis. To perform load analysis, the load information of the major energy-using appliances will be collected.
  • Solar PV System Usability Check: The Solar Site Survey will help you to have the solar PV system installed with complete convenience. For this, you must consider the location of the distribution box and inverters. Also, look at the way how Solar PV system is connected to the electrical system.
  • Financial Analysis: Another important step is to consider and estimate the financial viability of the solar system installation project. So, focus on the ROI, financial incentives and government subsidies.

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