Some Renewable energies clean facts by White Shark

Some Renewable energies clean facts by White Shark?

enewable energies, often called clean energy, come from constantly renewed natural resources or processes. For example, sunlight or wind always shines and explodes, even if the presence depends on time and weather. Although renewable energy is generally seen as a new technology, the use of natural energy has long been used for heating, transportation, lighting, and other purposes. Wind-driven boats give direction to the sea, windmills grind grain. The sun stayed warm all day and helped keep the fire going in the evening. However, in the last 500 years cheaper and dirty energy sources such as coal and exhaust gases have been used. Renewable energies are growing because innovations reduce costs and fulfill the promise of a clean energy future. Indian solar and wind farms are updating and increasing day by day and being integrated into the national grid without compromising reliability. This replaces renewable energies in the energy sector with “dirty” fossil fuels and consumes less CO2 emissions and other types of pollution.

White Shark provided solar energy systems!

People have been using solar energy for thousands of years to produce cereals, hot and dry food. The WhiteShark uses the sun’s rays in a variety of ways to heat households and businesses, to heat water or to supply devices with electricity. Decentralized solar systems generate local electricity in roof projects or joint projects that offer homes and companies in all regions. Solar parks can generate electricity for thousands of households and use a mirror to concentrate sunlight on several hectares of solar cells. WhiteShark’s Floating solar parks – or “photovoltaics” can be an effective use of non-environmentally friendly sewage systems and water bodies.

Solar energy an unlimited source of energy being utilized by White Shark!

Solar energy is one of the important aspects of the establishment of a clean energy future. Every day, the sun releases more energy than we need to feed everything in the world. Therefore, WhiteShark invest heavily in solar systems and now offer our customers solar kits in all over India. Some basic key points of solar energy:

1) Unlimited solar power

The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the world’s energy needs, and unlike fossil fuels, it does not run out quickly. As a renewable energy source, the only limitation of solar energy is that we can convert energy efficiently and cheaply into electricity.

2) A clean source of energy

While using WhiteShark solar panels to generate electricity, it’s proven that greenhouse gas emissions are negative or it’s not released into the atmosphere. And since the sun provides more energy than we ever need, electricity from solar energy is a very important source of energy to produce clean energy.

3) No fuel

Once solar modules are installed, the operating costs are significantly lower than other power generation modes. No fuel is required, ie solar energy can generate large amounts of electricity uncertainty and without fuel costs.

What are the advantages of White Shark provided solar energy?

1) WhiteShark Solar energy products offer many advantages that make it one of the most promising forms of energy. Renewable, environmentally friendly and globally available products contribute to sustainable development and employment creation.

2) The simplicity of WhiteShark technology is ideal for use in rural or inaccessible areas isolated from the network. Solar energy is also useful for generating large amounts of electricity and feeding it to the grid, especially in areas where meteorology provides many hours of sunlight per year. The solar capture modules are relatively easy to maintain, which explains the positive expectations for solar technology and the constantly falling costs for photovoltaic cells.

3) Another advantage of WhiteShark solar energy products is the ability to create local wealth by reducing energy dependence on abroad. Solar energy such as wind is produced from time to time and is directly linked to the weather and day-night cycles. The rapid advance of electrical storage technologies will reduce this dependence and increase the solar system’s proportion in the sun.

How is solar energy obtained in WhiteShark products?

The sun provides energy in two different ways and WhiteShark uses them to convert the energy, which is as follows:

1) It provides heat to a receiver containing liquids up to 1000 ° C absorbed by mirrors focusing on sunlight. Heat converts liquid into steam and ultimately generates electricity.

2) they u to electricity by photovoltaic solar modules. Photovoltaic modules are groups of cells or solar cells that convert light into electrical energy.

Some frequently asked questions to clear more of your thoughts about the White Shark products and for more details feel free to contact!

Q.1 How do White Shark solar panels work?

Photovoltaic cells in White Shark solar panels convert sunlight into direct current. An inverter then converts direct current to alternating current (AC), after which electricity is consumed, supplied to the grid or stored in a battery.

Q.2 Are White Shark solar panels expensive?

The cost depends on the number of panels installed. However, in general, White Shark solar power is becoming cheaper every year. In the future, solar energy will be an important production method for clean energy, and will only gain importance when economies of scale lead to lower prices.

Q.3 What are the advantages of WhiteShark solar energy products?

The main advantage of the White Shark is that it provides a renewable, clean source of electricity. Solar energy is also scalable. This means that it can be used on an industrial scale. WhiteShark provides low power consumption, additional electricity can be stored in a battery or returned to the power grid. In general, the sun gives much more energy than we need.

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