Want To Go Solar But Lofty Costs Discouraging You, Then Finance It With WhiteShark

When asked about electricity demand in future, famous inventor Thomas Edison once said, “I’d put my money on Solar Energy”

Cost of fossil fuels is rising like wildfire as the world battles in its efforts to stabilize climate change. Add to that, skyrocketing electricity tariffs due to stress on thermal energy production, ever-rising demand for power with population paints fear of a murkier future for humanity.

In Odisha, the cost of electricity for consumers has jumped by around 10% in the last one year.

No wonder why governments including that of India and even the common man are turning to renewable sources of energy mostly Solar.


The gradual conscious tilt of consumers towards a sustainable way of living is propelling the demand for solar power facility solutions as a most viable choice in the long run.

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But solar system installation being a capital intensive option for power, it makes a home owner think twice before going for an energy-efficient upgrade of his house.

So in order to facilitate the rising demands of the end-users, leaders in solar industry are upgrading financing mediums to boost growth in the market.

Do You Want Solar Installation? Go For Financing With WhiteShark

You are worried of the rising figures in your monthly electric bills and pondering on ways to cut the expenses, then go for solar power installation right away with WhiteShark.

And if you are still unsure because of the high upfront costs may shell out a big fortune from your pocket, fret not, because WhiteShark is the perfect destination where you can fulfil all your solar needs with other easily affordable ways.

We have ‘Easy to Buy, Easier to Pay’ Low-Interest Finance Schemes Just For You

Low-interest finance schemes to avail a solar power system at WhiteShark will be a great option for you. With many solar choices available, you can finance the entire cost of your system and still end up with pocketful of savings.

We encourage customers to contact us and get themselves a rough idea on how to purchase solar system using finance schemes. WhiteShark has a number of options to help you out in financing your solar project and repay with flexibility in the best manner possible.

Credit card EMI: We take credit card payment of a number of banks to finance your project in the most hassle free manner. Here are some choices.


Debit Card EMI: We also offer financing solar projects and other allied products with debit card financing through selected banks.

Amazon No Cost EMI: Customers can also try our ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ facility with Amazon. All you need is know is that in ‘No cost EMI’, you only pay the product price. So check your eligibility first from your nearby banks.

Home Loan Extension: You must know this that availing a home loan to install solar system is easier than most think. If one already has a home loan, then you can approach you bank for home improvement loan that can be repurposed as solar loan. The interest rates vary as per the policies of the banks. Apart from banks, there are several NBFCs which also finance solar installations.

How To Apply For Loan

  • Contact Solar Service Provider (WhiteShark)
  • Contact Nearby Banks In Your Area For Eligibility
  • File Solar Quotation, Address, Income, Salary Proofs etc.
  • Let Bank Verify All Documents
  • They Will Release 80% Of Project Cost To Solar Firm And The Rest After Installation And NOC From Customer

Why Choose Financing Solar Installation

  • You don’t have to worry about upfront costs
  • Salaried people can show their solar installation as expenditure in their ITR and claim Tax benefits and other incentives
  • The tariffs for the project are decided for the entire term, and remains below the grid power supply tariffs to a considerable extent, which helps in more savings
  • The consumer will not have to worry about operational and maintenance costs, system design and approval processes for the project.
  • Solar system financing have the same basic structure, terms, and conditions as other home improvement loans

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