Why Should You Adopt Solar Power System For Your Home?

Solar energy is the ultimate source of power in our world. It is clean, unlimited in nature and easily available that makes it the most viable resource of power generation for our future.

With fossil fuels continuing to deplete, economies are under increasing stress due to ever-rising demands but relatively low production.

And on top of that, adverse climate change due to unbridled use of non-renewable energy sources like coal, harnessing of alternative sources of power to fulfill our needs has never become so important.

And that is where our efforts to tap on unlimited potential of sun’s radiation come into play. Governments across boundaries are on an overdrive to push for a solar revolution to make the environment cleaner without compromising with the development.

India which has a magnificent geographical location has also set an ambitious target to play as a global leader in this space.

We are WhiteShark
The need to provide solar at the foremost commercial levels to the last mile possible at individual residential level is the nucleus that drives our company WhiteShark Energy.

We are the best solar energy firm, that provides best in class tech, thorough researched and planned installation of top quality solar projects for the efficient home upgrade that you need to get.

Our expertise

From Smart City Bhubaneswar to the far stretches of Odisha, WhiteShark is the go to solar product supplier in Odisha. We deliver end to end services from starting the design to procurement till completion of the solar power plants.

With over one and half decade in electrical contracting and 3 years of expertise in solar power sector, we are an expert in EPC services for rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems.

We have technicians, supervisors and project managers, we follow the norm of IT – Innovation with teamwork and Integrity with transparency.

What We Offer

You choose WhiteShark, we provide you 5 years of generation guarantee, 2 years of workmanship guarantee

Worrying about lofty costs in setting up your dream solar station in home? Don’t fret because we have got ample solutions of easy financing options for you with our tie ups with banks and NBFCs

Benefits of Solar power

Saves Costs And Adds Value: The most discernible advantage of solarising your home is that it helps you save money in long term after one-time investment

Lessens Carbon Footprint: Solar energy is the cleanest source of power and has negligible emissions of green house gases. In adopting this mode of power, you will not contribute to factors leading to climate change

Low maintenance cost: By giving few minutes yourself on regular basis, you can ensure that your power system remains clean. It is a myth that maintaining residential solar systems are costly and consumes time

Reliable: Installing solar plants for residential purposes can drastically reduce your monthly power utility bills. Studies indicate that it can save up to 80% on monthly electricity.

24X7 Power Availability: You don’t have to worry about power cuts anymore once you choose to go for this renewable energy source

If you carefully analyse, you will be surprised to see how going solar is a worthwhile investment as most of its pros outdo the cons.

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