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The sun burns to provide heat and light for thousands of years. The ability to harness solar energy from the sun to generate electricity is termed as solar power generation. This form of energy offers plentiful benefits when compared to more traditional forms of power. Unlike traditional energy sources, the sun generates enough energy each second to sustain power needs. The continuous emission of energy isn’t the only positive aspect of incorporating solar power for your requirements. Being the most innovating solar power generation solution provider and trusted solar system dealer in Bhubaneswar and Odisha, WhiteShark aims to give you zero recurring costs on the solar power supply.

Based in the heart of Bhubaneswar, we’re a renowned renewable energy company working on the design, engineering, procurement and construction of high energy-yielding solar systems and complex raised structure solar projects since 2017.



WhiteShark’s goal is to become a leading manufacturer of power electronics based products for renewable energy usage.

We truly believe in making in India and the first thing we have set up is our R&D lab to make the most efficient balance of system (Inverters, Controllers and Batteries) specially designed for renewable energy applications.

To bring this into effect, we defined our guidelines as per a comprehensive vision and mission statement.


Our vision

To make renewable energy available and affordable to every Indian through innovation and collaboration.

Our Mission

  • 1. Education: To be a renewable energy evangelist through regular and direct consumer and industry engagement.
  • 2. Operations: To be the first choice for efficient solar installations and projects in our market.
  • 3. Partnerships: To establish strong partnerships with manufacturers, consultants and distributors of renewable energy around the globe to provide best in class consumer solutions.
  • 4. R&D: To constantly drive automation and efficiency on generation, consumption and storage of renewable energy, which will form the blueprint for our future manufacturing.


  • 1. Innovation
  • 2. Respect
  • 3. Integrity
  • 4. Transparency



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