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The increasing awareness of how prone conventional energy resources are to exhaustion has made people shifts to other more cleaner, freely available and renewable energy sources. Solar energy is one such resource that people has turned to. Solar energy is extracted directly from the energy of the sun. You must need solar panels installed appropriately so that sun light falls directly on the solar panels. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to connect solar inverter to convert the DC power into usable AC power for household electronics and appliances.

As time has gone by, solar inverters have grown into performing more functions that just converting DC power into AC, including maximum power point tracking, solar charge controlling, storage of energy in batteries, and management of battery charging while also contributing to minimizing the utilization of utility power grid.

Types of Solar Inverters Available according to Need

There are several types of solar inverters that are available in the market. But there are two major classifications of solar inverters:

  • Based on the working: string solar inverters, central solar inverters, micro solar inverters
  • Based on interaction with the grid power: stand alone solar inverters, grid-tie solar inverters, backup battery solar inverters

All these solar inverters have different use at different location. Buy the solar inverter that satisfies your need and cost-effective.

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Brands: Huwaei, Growatt, UTL, Statcon and Flin Energy amongst others.

  • Product Types
  • String Inverter
  • Central Inverter
  • Specifications
  • On Grid – 1kW to 100kW
  • Off Grid – 500W to 20kW
  • Warranty
  • 2 years to 10 years