Off-Grid Solar System Installation Service in Odisha by WhiteShark

Off-grid solar systems for domestic use are the standalone photovoltaic systems that offer a cost-effective mode of supplying amenity power for lighting and appliances to remote households. In rural areas, that are not connected to the grid, off-grid solar systems can be used to meet the household’s energy demand for fulfilling basic electric needs. WhiteShark provides the best off-grid solar system installation service to more than thousands of households in remote locations were electrification by the grid isn’t feasible.

An off-grid solar system is not connected to the electricity grid and therefore requires battery storage. The system must be designed accurately so that it will generate enough power throughout the year and have enough battery capacity to meet the home’s requirements, even in the depths of winter when there is less sunlight.

The high cost of batteries and inverters means off-grid solar systems are much more expensive than on-grid systems and so are usually only needed in more remote areas that are far from the electricity grid. However, battery costs are reducing rapidly, so there’s now a growing market for off-grid solar system battery even in cities and towns.

There are different types of off-grid solar systems installed with a battery bank or backup generator. Let’s have a look on those…

The battery bank installed off-grid solar system: An off-grid solar system has no access to public electricity grid. Once solar power is used by the appliances in your property, any excess power will be sent to your battery bank, if connected. Once the battery bank is full, it will stop receiving power from the solar system. When your solar system isn’t working, your appliances will draw power from the batteries.

Backup Generator: For times of the year when the batteries are low on charge and the weather is very cloudy, you will generally need a backup power source viz. a backup generator or gen-set. The size of the gen-set should to be adequate to supply your house and charge the batteries at the same time.

  • Off-Grid Solar Systems Contribute to the Improvement of the Standard of Living by:
  • Reducing indoor air pollution and therefore improving health as they replace use of fossil fuels
  • Providing lighting for home study
  • Giving the possibility of working at night
  • And, facilitating the access to information and communication (Radio, TV, Mobile phone charging etc)

Moreover, off-grid solar systems help you avoid greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the use of conventional energy resources. So, installing off-grid solar systems at your property has many perks. Let the professionals from WhiteShark take care of the entire installation and maintenance while you remain busy with other important works.

  • Components
  • Solar PV Modules
  • Solar Inverter
  • Battery
  • Structure
  • BoS Kit
  • Specifications
  • Capacity : 1kW to 20kW
  • Grid charging available
  • Structure
  • BoS Kit
  • O & M
  • 2 years workmanship Guarantee
  • 5 years generation Guarantee
  • Remote monitoring facility