Step into the New-Age of Lighting Solution – Solar Street Lights

Current technological innovations have paved the way to the rebirth of street lights through solar powered ones. Solar street lights are raised outdoor light sources powered by solar PV panels. The panels are mounted properly on the lighting structure or connected in the pole. Solar PV panels have a rechargeable battery, providing power to the fluorescent or LED lamp during the entire night. Most of the solar panels automatically sense outdoor light through a light source. These can give off light on successive nights even when the sun’s energy isn’t available for a couple of days. Many users are switching to solar street lights nowadays? When are you?

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Why People Switch to Solar Street Lights?

  • Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid, ensuring lessen operation cost
  • Lights are dependent of the heat energy given off by the sun
  • Require lesser maintenance than conventional street lights
  • Have lower chances of overheating
  • Risk of accidents is minimized
  • Environment-friendly
  • Eliminate carbon footprints and more

As expert and professionals in the field of solar industry, WhiteShark can provide the highest quality and most reliable solar street lights to help clients achieve their best power solutions

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  • Product Types
  • Split
  • Two In One
  • All In One
  • Warranty
  • 2 years to 5 years
  • Material Specifications
  • PV Modules : 20W to 100W
  • Battery : 20Ah to 100Ah
  • LED Light : 9W to 100W
  • Sensors : Motion and Day light