Viability Study before Rooftop Solar Panel System Installation

Concerning the rising costs of electricity in the future, people have begun to look for alternative energy options. Performing a viability study before deciding on a rooftop solar panel system installation is the smart ever way to create an economic model that could predict the feasibility of installing a solar panel system on the roof.

Creating a model tailored to the location is important. Besides viability study ensures access to the social implications of installing a solar panel system. The feasibility of solar systems installed on landfills is highly impacted by the available area for an array, operating status, solar resource, landfill cap status, distance to transmission lines, and distance to major roads.

There are many compelling reasons to consider moving toward renewable energy sources for power generation instead of fossil fuels, including:

  • Use of fossil fuels to produce power may not be sustainable
  • Burning fossil fuels can have negative effects on human health and the environment
  • Extracting and transporting fossil fuels can lead to accidental spills, which can be devastating to the environment and communities
  • Depending on foreign sources of fossil fuels can be a threat to national security
  • Fluctuating electric costs are associated with fossil fuel-based power plants
  • Burning fossil fuels may contribute to climate change
  • Generating energy without harmful emissions or waste products can be accomplished through renewable energy sources
  • Abundant renewable resources are available

Solar energy feasibility has enabled many investors to fund researchers to develop, even more, efficient solar power systems. In consequence, things have turned positive for the economic feasibility of solar energy, responding biases against solar power feasibility towards more positive forecasts.

Evaluating what has been developed and innovated, the economic feasibility of solar power is also facing more confident perspectives from investors. Get in touch with WhiteShark & perform visibility study of solar system error-free.


  • Energy yields
  • Techno-commercial viability
  • Grid feasibility study
  • Savings, ROI, Payback and Cashflow analysis
  • Risk & Opportunity analysis