Solar Water Pumps – Encouraging Irrigation & Improve Efficiency

There are manifold reasons why people choose solar water pumps nowadays when it comes to lifting up ground level water for industrialization, agricultural use, etc. If you have been considering installing solar water pumps on your property, whether that be a farm, cabin in the mountains, or another business; we believe that you need to know all of the benefits they can offer.

At WhiteShark, we can provide you with the solar water pumps and other solar equipment you need for any application. From complete solar water pumps to custom solar equipment, we have got you covered. Our high-quality products can help improve the efficiency of your property and offer many additional benefits.

Benefits of Investing in Solar Water Pumps for Irrigation

You don’t need external power source: One of the biggest benefits of solar water pumps is the fact that you can use them anywhere. Even if you have a well on your property, miles from any source of power, you will still be able to pump water from your well – thanks to solar. All you need is the sun and solar panels installed to make this work.

Minimum Operating Cost: Since energy is coming free from the sun, your utility bill will be drastically reduced. Solar water pumps don’t have a large operating cost, since they are powered naturally by the sun. You don’t need to pay a top of money every time you turn your pump on. Instead you are saving money and pumping water for a more affordable price!

Easy Maintenance: Solar water pumps are also easier to maintain than other pump power sources. These pump systems can run for years without needing any maintenance. There are not many mechanical components, making them less likely to break-down and repair new parts or repairs.

Many of the WhiteShark customers have run their solar water pumps for more than years without needing any maintenance. Of course, the more you prepare your solar water pump, the longer it will go without needing maintenance.

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  • Product Types
  • AC / DC Pumps
  • 1 Phase / 3 Phase
  • Submersible
  • Surface
  • Material Specifications
  • PV Modules : 500W to 10kW
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Pump Capacity : 0.5Hp to 30Hp
  • Warranty
  • 2 years to 5 years