Simplify Solar System Financing Trouble at WhiteShark

Government of India is encouraging adoption of solar energy by every Indian. To promote convenient adoption and use of solar energy, both public and private sector banks have been given statutory instruction by the Ministry of Finance to offer easy solar system financing at a reasonable cost. At WhiteShark, we encourage you to go solar with easy financing facility.

Easy to Buy; Easy to Pay Low-Interest Finance Available

Low-interest finances for solar energy at WhiteShark are a great solar system financing option for you. With many solar system financing options, you can finance the entire cost of your system.

The person interested in the installation of grid-interactive rooftop solar PV plants and seeking loan may approach the nearest public sector banks. They may also contact the State Nodal Agencies implementing renewable energy programs for further guidance.

Benefits of Solar System Financing:

  • There’s virtually no upfront cost to the power consumption since it is taken care of by the solar developer – WhiteShark
  • The tariffs are decided for the entire term, ensuring 20-30% below the grid power supply tariffs, ensuring more savings
  • The power purchaser need not deal with the system design and approval processes
  • Also, the consumer need not worry about operational and maintenance costs as well

4 Top Considerations for Solar System Financing

  • Your monthly savings on your electric bills should be greater than the loan’s monthly payment, allowing you to start saving money fast
  • Save 40-70% on electricity costs over the lifetime of your system, as compared to doing nothing, by choosing a loan as your solar system financing option
  • Solar system financing have the same basic structure, terms, and conditions as other home improvement loans
  • By buying your system outright, you are eligible for financial incentives like the government subsidies. Interest on secured solar system financing may also be tax deductible which means additional savings on your income taxes.
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