Is Your Site Solar Ready? Let’s Make It Then…

Performing site survey for solar installation is the most important first step to collection information about the conditions and issues before any decision made. There are a lot of aspects in doing solar site survey for an installer. The amount of details site surveyors collect depends on the scope of the project.

What Details Solar Site Survey Provide?

  • Whether the location is suitable or not for solar panel installation
  • What and where are the shaded areas that might fall on proposed solar arrays during day time with maximum sun
  • What type of mounting is required for the solar array
  • Where do we locate the balance of system components? DC combiner box, ex-inverter, ac distribution box, batteries if required
  • What are the energy needs of the building?
  • How is the solar PV system going to be connected to the existing electrical system

The solar site survey is done by WhiteShark after the preliminary conversation over. This is the best chance to show them your quality, knowledge and good service; and convert them by doing a professional site survey.

Things Carried Out during a Solar Site Survey are:

  • Roof Orientation and Shading Analysis
  • Roofing Details
  • Load Analysis
  • Solar PV System Usability Check
  • Financial Analysis

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  • Geo-Technical investigation
  • Topographic survey
  • Bathymetric survey
  • Hydrology study
  • Power evacuation study
  • Vicinity Map / Aerial View